How do you engage diverse audiences with science?

To wrap up February on this very fine leap day, I present to you an interview with a colleague of mine, Anthony Morgan, who’s up to some interesting things in science communication. We chatted about why science matters and how we can invite more diversity in science by just being ourselves.

Hover @ Daily Planet_Feb4_1

Anthony showcased his home-made hoverboard at Daily Planet.



Hello there!
I’m testing out new formats for the science-y news. I’m pairing down my lists for each section and adding two more categories: Science Communication and Science Fiction. I include these topics anyway, I may as well make it official.

We have Plutonian ice, marine noise, walking on water and the math of semantics in this week’s installment of News in STEAMSS.

New Horizons data showed that water ice existed on Pluto along with methane and other forms of ice (image on left). New analysis techniques reveal that there is far more water ice than previously thought (image on right). In fact, water ice may form the ‘bedrock’ of Pluto. Image Credit: NASA


Tri-Con 2016: The Science (or lack of science) Behind Science Fiction

Tricon coverA few weekends ago I attended Tri-Con, a local convention hosted by THEMUSEUM. It was loads of fun. I got some swag, mostly buttons, and prints, and I got to see real-live cosplayers. I fangirled a little when I saw Korra and Asami from Avatar: Legends of Korra, Peebles and Marceline from Adventure Time, and some Old School Storm Troopers. There were tons of panel sessions on various nerdy topics but the panel I made an effort to attend was a session called “The Science (or lack of Science) in Science Fiction” hosted by Nerd Night KW. (more…)